“The Vault”\\ A promising new web series

Today I’ll share what is quite easily one of the greatest independent low-or-no-budget web series ever.

What IS this series? “The Vault”.

The series presents a faux-reality TV show, in which several college students from around the country each wake up in tiny white rooms. Each finds they have a unique item or challenge in their room, which all seem to be a part of a larger puzzle.

Video after the jump:

What really sells the show (and something Hollywood could stand to learn!) is the solid writing makes up for the minimal budget and one-room location. So far, the brain-teasers are unfolding to reveal an intricate plot that will leave you excited for more. Kind of like LOST, except these writers have an actual ending planned out (and I’m 98% certain it doesn’t involve Purgatory).

So give it a watch! The episodes come in bite-sized segment of about 10 minutes each, so catching up wont be a chore.


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  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words. We’re working hard on the 2nd hour right now, so please stay tuned! -Aaron

    • No problem! I watch a lot of series stuff- both web and TV- and I love that time spent on story trumps big-budget productions. I’m excited for what’s to come, and I’ll keep spreading the word!

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