SCP\\ Paranormal creepypasta meets scientists

Creepypasta as defined by Oh Internet:

Creepypasta is generally a story posted on a forum, image board, or sent through e-mail telling a scary story. These stories usually range from retelling of old folk stories to completely new stories.

The word “creepypasta” is a derivative of “copypasta” (copy-paste), which is usually an inflammatory or heart-touching short story that gets copy-and-pasted all over the place (e.g. forwarded emails). Creepypasta is the creepier version of copypasta, with short stories meant to scare you or just creep you out.

The SCP Foundation wiki is an interesting example of creepypasta. Each story in this collection is user-submitted and presented as though it was a scientific report of paranormal phenomena. Confused? Start here, with the original story that started it all.

The premise is a that a shadowy underground scientific facility has been collecting anything strange, otherworldly, supernatural, paranormal, or just plain weird.

This is where SCP gets its name: Secure, Collect, Protect. Sometimes they are protecting something from us, but usually they are protecting the world from something dangerous.

Each case item (or SCP, as they are called) has its own unique feel, as each is made by a different author. A SCP can be anything, from a creature or an artifact to a building or an area. Some SCPs are harmless, but most tend to be highly dangerous and or disastrous if not contained.

Here are some SCPs to help introduce you:
SCP 354 “The Red Pool”
SCP 882 “The Machine”
SCP 682 “Hard To Destroy Reptile”

My personal favorite is SCP 093 “Red Sea Object”, which is kind of long but is an excellent science fiction story about an abandoned world.
If you’re still confused, read io9’s article, which is much better at explaining.


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