TheSixtyOne\\ Music discovery for borderline hipsters

I have finally come to terms with a fact: I could never be a hipster. I tend to find things cool right after everyone else has heard about them. And I just enjoy sharing my interests with everyone too much to snobbishly fear them becoming “mainstream”. However, I do love finding new things that are just starting to get recognition. Musically, I had no way of finding the newest stuff before everyone heard of it.
That is, until I found TheSixtyOne.


This site is truly a unique experience. Each page features a unique artist with a chosen sample of their music playing. If that particular sound isn’t really your style, you can easily click the arrow on the right side of the screen to advance to another artist. It’s a bit like flipping through someone else’s musical library and skipping to the next track if you don’t like the current song.
The goal is to discover new styles and sounds you wouldn’t normally hear, to flesh out your musical tastes. The site features countless budding new artists, ranging from virtually unheard of to breaking mainstream. I personally discovered two Danish pop bands that I would have never even considered, but because I heard a snippet of their songs that intrigued me, I listened all the way through.
Really, the whole site is a mixed bag, you can never be sure what will pop up next; from electronica and trance one moment, to acoustic guitar and smooth jazz the next. And if you like what you hear, the bands often let you download some of their tracks for free right off the site!
So give it a try, you’re guaranteed to find something interesting that you’ll enjoy. And if you’re feeling adventurous, just keep clicking next.

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