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TheSixtyOne\\ Music discovery for borderline hipsters

I have finally come to terms with a fact: I could never be a hipster. I tend to find things cool right after everyone else has heard about them. And I just enjoy sharing my interests with everyone too much to snobbishly fear them becoming “mainstream”. However, I do love finding new things that are just starting to get recognition. Musically, I had no way of finding the newest stuff before everyone heard of it.
That is, until I found TheSixtyOne.


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SCP\\ Paranormal creepypasta meets scientists

Creepypasta as defined by Oh Internet:

Creepypasta is generally a story posted on a forum, image board, or sent through e-mail telling a scary story. These stories usually range from retelling of old folk stories to completely new stories.

The word “creepypasta” is a derivative of “copypasta” (copy-paste), which is usually an inflammatory or heart-touching short story that gets copy-and-pasted all over the place (e.g. forwarded emails). Creepypasta is the creepier version of copypasta, with short stories meant to scare you or just creep you out.

The SCP Foundation wiki is an interesting example of creepypasta. Each story in this collection is user-submitted and presented as though it was a scientific report of paranormal phenomena. Confused? Start here, with the original story that started it all.

The premise is a that a shadowy underground scientific facility has been collecting anything strange, otherworldly, supernatural, paranormal, or just plain weird.

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Film Riot\\ Indie how-to at its weirdest

Film Riot is… out there. There’s really no better way to put it. An independent web show with a style all of its own, Film Riot is informative, fast-paced, hyper, slightly disturbing, and wickedly funny.

The series shows how to learn “the magic and effects behind Hollywood films”, and is driven by the host and creator, Ryan Connolly, who is also informative, fast-paced, hyper, slightly disturbing, and wickedly funny. Each episode starts off with a cold-open skit or a brief introduction by Ryan. The sketches are usually dark comedy or just complete weirdness, and feature an effect or technique that will be taught in the episode.

Psychotic Leisure Music\\ A blog for the reverse hipster

If you asked me what my favorite FPS game was, I wouldn’t say Call of Duty, Halo, or Fallout; I would tell you “The Half Life/Portal games!” Both series of games technically share the same universe, and have a similar way of telling their story.

But what I really love about Half Life is the music. And in my Google quest for a Half Life soundtrack, I found Psychotic Leisure Music: A musical archive of the obscure, the strange, and the almost-forgotten.

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“The Vault”\\ A promising new web series

Today I’ll share what is quite easily one of the greatest independent low-or-no-budget web series ever.

What IS this series? “The Vault”.

The series presents a faux-reality TV show, in which several college students from around the country each wake up in tiny white rooms. Each finds they have a unique item or challenge in their room, which all seem to be a part of a larger puzzle.

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Martha Marin\\ “Burn It Down” and other songs

Burn it Down” is good stuff! Martha Marin is certainly talented, but relatively unknown. I personally also enjoy her cover of “Clap Hands” by Tom Waits and her cover of “99 Red Balloons“, which is beautiful.

Here are some of her songs- you can download them for free:


I like songs that sound like a murderer stalking their prey.

Slink. Growl. Wet streets. Blonde hair.

This song has enough danger in it to choke a serial killer.

Martha Marin \”Burn It Down\”

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