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TheSixtyOne\\ Music discovery for borderline hipsters

I have finally come to terms with a fact: I could never be a hipster. I tend to find things cool right after everyone else has heard about them. And I just enjoy sharing my interests with everyone too much to snobbishly fear them becoming “mainstream”. However, I do love finding new things that are just starting to get recognition. Musically, I had no way of finding the newest stuff before everyone heard of it.
That is, until I found TheSixtyOne.


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Psychotic Leisure Music\\ A blog for the reverse hipster

If you asked me what my favorite FPS game was, I wouldn’t say Call of Duty, Halo, or Fallout; I would tell you “The Half Life/Portal games!” Both series of games technically share the same universe, and have a similar way of telling their story.

But what I really love about Half Life is the music. And in my Google quest for a Half Life soundtrack, I found Psychotic Leisure Music: A musical archive of the obscure, the strange, and the almost-forgotten.

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